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5 Tips for your Melbourne Florida Lawn

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Florida Lawn Care TipsMaintaining an excellent lawn in Melbourne Florida doesn’t have to be grueling. Your lawn is meant for you and your family to enjoy. To help keep your lawn beautiful and well maintained, just adhere to these 5 simple lawn care tips.

#1. Have a Plan

For any project to be successful you have to plan, and the same rule applies to your lawn! Lawn owners need to identify what should be achieved by the project. We recommend you write it down. Putting your Plan on paper forces you to focus. Use this as your guide as you consider the options and endure the various obstacles in your sod endeavors. Once the plan is laid down, you can easily decide on the other aspects of lawn maintenance. You will know the choices to make to care for your type of lawn.

#2. Aerate the Lawn

Aerating the lawn is a must to give a way for fresh air to the small life forms and the microbes under the soil. It also gives water a new course to take, preventing saturation. Aeration is best done during springtime when the soil is still moisturized and the rains are not yet over.

Lawn Care Melbourne FL#3. Use Fertilizer

Grass is one plant that utilizes much nitrogen. Make the soil rich in nutrient. Chemicals are out there but this can disturb the ecosystem of your lawn. Compost is a good way to enrich the soil.

#4. Watering the Lawn

Regularly water the lawn to keep the shrubbery healthy. Invest on a watering system. You can choose from a sprinkler system, a hose or simply a gardener who would do the task. Make sure you adhere to local water guidelines and don’t over water! This can cause weeds to grow rapidly and compromise the integrity of you lawn.

#5. Mowing the Lawn

Determine the proper schedule to mow your lawn. It depends on how fast and how thick your greenery grows.
Mowing will help you get rid of old part of the grass. It also encourages a deeper root system for a healthier soil environment.

We hope you’ve found these lawn care tips helpful. Never forget to give the tender and loving care to your lawn. With this in mind, you can never go wrong.